SeeedStudio Fusion PCB service (En)

Today, after a looooong wait, my first fusion order finally arrived! Was it worth the wait?

The first order I placed was for 10 double-sided boards. $5 for PCBs became more than 17€ including the cheapest shipping, that's really slow. And when the package reached Europe it got lost between London and Milan Sad Seeed's customer care promptly issued me a coupon to place a new order.

For the new order, I pooled 3 different designs and chose the cheapest shipping (again). But being my first try I didn't want to spend too much.

And today (even if the tracking says the package is still in Peschiera Borromeo (MI)...) the packet arrived. It's been treated quite roughly, but the people at SeeedStudio know their job and the boards are packed perfectly: each design (10 boards) is packed in its own vacuum-sealed bag with a pluriball sheet between 'em and more pluriball around the whole assemply. Post-proof Smile

Board quality is high, pads are well-marked and well separated (even fine-pitch ones in a SSOP-28 that will give me nightmares when I'll have to solder it!). Holes are well centered. Silkscreen is very good, even if some stripes can be seen when examining accurately big areas that should be uniform:

Another minor "problem" is with cutouts: you can see where the tool started the cut. But that does not affect functionality.

(for scale, consider that the pads are for an optoisolator in DIL package and the cutout is 3.4mm wide, to have better separation between 220V and logic)

So a really good service at a fraction of the price I'd have to pay for a comparable one from Europe. Even considering express shipment! And probably I wouldn't have better boards from a more costly service.

To answer the initial question: YES even after waiting an extra month for the lost package!

Edit: I just received a coupon for the next order as an apologize for the "problems"! That's really kind of 'em, but was not really needed: even an experienced engineer didn't spot 'em. Functionally and technically the board are well-made (the errors are mine, not production-related) and their review process is great, spotting a stupid error (again on my side: text on B.Cu instead of B.SilkS) that would have rendered one of the boards unusable. So, THANKS, SeeedStudio!

Update 2017-12-27: The new batch just arrived. I confirm the overall very high quality of the boards, even if the new lot seems a bit more hurried up (possibly to ship it before Xmas?), with less attention for finishing details. Yet, nothing that doesn't happen even in less cheap productions. I just hope this time I've corrected all the pending issues found in the first prototype Smile TNT shipping is worth its cost: less than 5 days including Sunday and Xmas!

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